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Boo-Kake Ghost Graffiti by The-Directors-Cut Boo-Kake Ghost Graffiti :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 7 0 Boo-ty! Ghost Graffiti by The-Directors-Cut Boo-ty! Ghost Graffiti :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 7 2 Boo-Bs Graffiti Tag by The-Directors-Cut Boo-Bs Graffiti Tag :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 8 0 CMPC 2017! (animation link in description) by The-Directors-Cut CMPC 2017! (animation link in description) :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 19 7 PuckMan Pacpills Makes a Starry Night (animation) by The-Directors-Cut PuckMan Pacpills Makes a Starry Night (animation) :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 8 19 Jay - Snooch to the Nooch! (WIP animation) by The-Directors-Cut Jay - Snooch to the Nooch! (WIP animation) :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 14 31 Silent Bob (WIP Animation) by The-Directors-Cut Silent Bob (WIP Animation) :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 16 27 Giraffz by The-Directors-Cut Giraffz :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 11 4 Hair Metal ChilliChilly! by The-Directors-Cut Hair Metal ChilliChilly! :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 9 0 Can you Guess where I'm going? by The-Directors-Cut Can you Guess where I'm going? :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 10 42 I Can't Get No Sleep... (animation) by The-Directors-Cut I Can't Get No Sleep... (animation) :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 33 52 WireCast LateCast by The-Directors-Cut WireCast LateCast :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 15 4 Christmas Latecast! (Podcast) by The-Directors-Cut Christmas Latecast! (Podcast) :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 15 64 It Was Self Defense! (animation) by The-Directors-Cut It Was Self Defense! (animation) :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 26 48 Happy Horsie! (TEST animation!) by The-Directors-Cut Happy Horsie! (TEST animation!) :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 22 9 aaaaand. DEAD. (ANIMATION) by The-Directors-Cut aaaaand. DEAD. (ANIMATION) :iconthe-directors-cut:The-Directors-Cut 30 29


Square and Gear Gungeon Co-op by Cazra Square and Gear Gungeon Co-op :iconcazra:Cazra 34 8 MLP Sketch I guess by Thomastommyboy MLP Sketch I guess :iconthomastommyboy:Thomastommyboy 1 3 Floor by Brandoch-Daha
Mature content
Floor :iconbrandoch-daha:Brandoch-Daha 5 3
just testing on thing by Luine0 just testing on thing :iconluine0:Luine0 6 1 The Directors Cut by Luine0 The Directors Cut :iconluine0:Luine0 8 4 Sao Paulo graffits by truedevil Sao Paulo graffits :icontruedevil:truedevil 63 16 James Jamerson DT by Brandoch-Daha James Jamerson DT :iconbrandoch-daha:Brandoch-Daha 7 4 Bottom Top by Brandoch-Daha
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Bottom Top :iconbrandoch-daha:Brandoch-Daha 8 7
A Strange Horse by Th3iPoDM0N A Strange Horse :iconth3ipodm0n:Th3iPoDM0N 23 27 Bendy and the Ink Machine by BlueWolfArtista Bendy and the Ink Machine :iconbluewolfartista:BlueWolfArtista 26 0 Jus A Lil by ProbablyGayPirate
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Jus A Lil :iconprobablygaypirate:ProbablyGayPirate 4 0
Pink Guy by coinslay Pink Guy :iconcoinslay:coinslay 2 5 Rainbow Washed Ref by LonelyFrenchFry Rainbow Washed Ref :iconlonelyfrenchfry:LonelyFrenchFry 6 0 David by coinslay
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David :iconcoinslay:coinslay 1 0
This is what I do by OkamiWintersNightail This is what I do :iconokamiwintersnightail:OkamiWintersNightail 5 12 Luna's flight  by PerryPickny Luna's flight :iconperrypickny:PerryPickny 14 10


Hey Everypony! Im going to the CMPC (crystal mountain pony con) this year! This year it will be at the Davis conference center July6th- 8th! The tickets are on sale now! go get your tickets here at the website:

Now if you wanna see me The Director at Crystal mountain pony convention AAAAND want a discount Make sure to use the code: DIRECTOR when checking out! you will save 5% on your tickets! :D WOOT!

Remember use DIRECTOR during checkout! 
I hope to see everypony there! 


Boo-Kake Ghost Graffiti

Here is the last of the 3 ghost sisters who accompany DJ Install Slayv Dryver! Please welcome miss Boo-Kake! 

So yeah. Looks like I got around to posting all the graffiti after all! 

For those lacking context, this piece of graffiti was in an animation I had posted a while back!

Link to the animation: the-directors-cut.deviantart.c…

This animation took a long time mostly cuz I spent so much time working on the pieces of graffiti to go in it!

If you are interested in seeing the other ghost sisters here is a link to the others.

Boo-B: the-directors-cut.deviantart.c…

Boo-T: the-directors-cut.deviantart.c…

Oddly enough this is the only piece of graffiti of all the ghost sisters, that has the characters actual name in it. 

Thanks for having a look! I hope you like it!

Boo-ty! Ghost Graffiti
This is the next of three ghost sisters who work help out DJ Install Slayv Dryver after he has possessed someone to start doing his bidding! 
Her name is Boo-T or Boo-D? I haven't completely decided. I'm leaning towards Boo-T really. 

Whilst Install Slayv Dryver is performing, Boo-T will dance along with Boo-B and Boo-Kake her two other sisters. 

Of course this is another Piece of graffiti I put out, cuz you know, I love graffiti and whatnot.

If you are interested in meeting her other sister Boo-B, follow this link right here! 

Both of these pieces of graffiti were in the background of an animation I had done fairly recently:

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Boo-T... Boo-D?  What do you think her fucking name should be? Leave a comment. I'll make sure to post more of the graffiti later on when I find more time!
Boo-Bs Graffiti Tag
So I love graffiti... Like a lot. like. alot. So I thought I would upload this. It's not exactly a new piece of artwork actually. If anyone has keen eyes, they would probably notice that this piece of graffiti was in the background of this animation:

Yep. I remember talking about DJ Install Slayv Dryver in the description of that animation. Well, this is one of his Dancers/assistance. A ghost by the name of Boo-B -- Pronounced Booby. If I ever get around to making an DJ Install Slayv Dryver music video or... anything with him in it, Boo-B will be there too!

You may have noticed I tried to make a bit of a ghost busters parody here. I decided I wanted to at the same time as make graffiti, poke fun at the fucking stupid controversy surrounding the OKAY ghostbusters reboot. 

Anyway, when I get time, I will upload more of the graffiti from the animation since I worked pretty hard on it. 

And what do you know! I actually did upload more of the graffiti! Here is Boo-B's sister Boo-T! 
CMPC 2017! (animation link in description)
Link to animation:…

Hey guys. I been working on this super secret cool animation for a while. How long has it been? Like... A month? two months? Time flies when you have fun. So yeah. I'll be attending CMPC 2017! I would love it if you were to join me so we could hang out. ~I gets a little lonely sometimes.~

Make sure to sign up at  BUT WAIT~! 

If you wanna save 5% on your tickets, make sure to use the code DIRECTOR when checking out. Yep. You're welcome. Don't take it too personal. I just think you're sexy. ;3 

if you are wondering we have a ton of cool special guests this year too!! All of which are announced in the video. Go watch it! Share it with your friends!
Ur still sexy. 
PuckMan Pacpills Makes a Starry Night (animation)
You ever have one of those nights where depression hits you harder than your cousin ever could since you slept with his ex? and your cousin took out a tooth so you know for a fact thats a fucking hard blow. On those nights, it hurts so much. The worst part is its not like physical pain either. You can't put ice on it to numb it out or soothe the pain. 

Pain like this isn't even like internal organs hurting either. At least when you have some gas it hurts like a bitch but until you pass it. ohhhh... but that Depression. that anxiety it comes back. sometimes its there for a day... times months yeah? Man at least you can IGNORE gas. But lucky there are solutions. 

Pop some allergy meds feel a little drowsy and pass the fuck out. The anxiety cant keep you awake tonight! fuck you nature! fuck my own body trying to kill me!!! the next morning, get up, drink that headache away, a few fuckin' eggs and watch some fucking shows on Netflix.  

But you gotta admit... in that short time after downing a few opioids, that magical twilight where you're not quite awake, and not quite alseep... sees results that might just make it better and even give inspiration as fucked up as it may seem.

Ray Bradbury used to talk about this sensation of half-awake and half-asleep, though I am pretty sure he didn't abuse his medicine cabinet...

However, today's inspiration is not from a bottle of any kind, medication or otherwise. 
It came from :iconalbin9000: 
This guy showed me an old pic he had made of Puckman downing some pills and I asked him if i could animate it. Thank you friend. Best of luck. 


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Ryan Martin
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Lets just make some new memories already...

This ID was made by my bro Sword:

Go hire his ass.

I'm an animator! I love making ponies! Sometimes dark... sometimes to make you smile smile smile!!… < Youtube channel


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