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Hair Metal ChilliChilly! by The-Directors-Cut Hair Metal ChilliChilly! by The-Directors-Cut
This is my half of an art trade with :iconchillichilly:
We were doing something to the theme of Rock.  
I went hair metal. Had a lot of fun with it. I went the route of small details. I focused a lot on the wardrobe and making those amps look nice. 
I took some inspiration from Lemmy Kilmister. 

I had way bigger plans for this piece originally. I was originally going to animate her Screaming into a mic with flames shooting off the stage and a full band... 
Then when I created a mockup of the set pieces it kinda fell apart and the vision i had made no sense. Then I also realized i needed to fully draw up 3 other characters at least for the band.... 
and then it was wierd there was no audience...
it was clear then that I was in over my head with this idea and that I didn't know what i was doing. So i looked at some photos of lemmy and thought up a new idea...
Lemmy really loved the the blaring sound of the amps. Frankly after seeing some live performances online it didn't sound so good. BUT it was fucking cool. So i decided to put chilly in front of those loud fucking amps to let her show her enthusiasm. 
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