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The D with The Afro! by The-Directors-Cut The D with The Afro! by The-Directors-Cut
If for whatever reason you tend to follow my work and look over everything I post like an person with mild autism, you will notice that this drawing looks a bit familiar. You'd be right. 
Its on a big screen in this particular drawing here: the-directors-cut.deviantart.c…
The drawing in the link above also happens to be my youtube banner as well. though, the Afro horse is not very easy to make out.
Link to youtube so you can see the banner, maybe have a laugh while you're there (If its still there when you click it. Hello people of the future!) :…

This is a drawing for concept that I did a long while back. It wasn't just made for my youtube banner. I recently found it and thought that I should post it since the animation I had in mind to do with this is kinda dead, but also in line with the theme I been following as of late. That trend being that I really love Electro swing and 50's style animation.

"LOL Director... Dats dah 60's - 70's disco fever type shit?" Yeah. You're right, but it was meant to be for an electro-swing music video at one point. The idea was that I would take a lot of pop-culture movements or culture movements throughout the last century and juxtapose them to one another with the the electro-swing music to sort of facilitate those strange ambivalent feelings that many of us have for a time, we were never apart of. It was actually supposed to be in the same animation as this guy: the-directors-cut.deviantart.c…

I didn't want this nostalgic animation to be just ponies. I was planning to have a nice range of things that I liked...

I have these ambivalent pseudo-nostalgic feelings rather often for the 80s. 
Nice bitty bit of proof: the-directors-cut.deviantart.c…
I love Hair Metal. 

This often seemed to be a common theme throughout my work so far. So I even made my youtube avatar after a meme I made:…

And on that same twitter you will probably notice that the same could be said of my twitter banner and avatar. I like that meme because it helped to show my irrational nostalgia for old things...…
Even My original intentions for StudioWorkhorse when I was making concepts was to have an 90's stuck in time sort of feel. 

So I have Nostalgia inappropriately for the 50s 60s 70s 80s and 90s. Yep. But I went on with these ideas anyway. Since I thought maybe it could resonate with a lot of people. 

What do you think? Do you tend to have nostalgia or romanticize a time you could never have been apart of? Are those times between 50s - 90s? If not, then what time is it for you? Do you think I should continue with these ideas? Leave some comments on your thoughts!
Pristine1281 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Pretty fly man hehe.  Love the lighting effects.
The-Directors-Cut Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2016  Professional Filmographer
Yeah I did go a little hog-wild on the lights. I have this strange complex about lighting. its gotta feel right. In the animation that I was gonna originally do that the concept shows, he would have been dancing down a large set of stylistically lit up stairs in which he would make his way up to a podium with a game show host. Too much unnecessary nostalgia for the cheesy shitty things of the past. 

This seems to be a common theme throughout my work. This is probably why my animations and work are so bad or "B-Style" as others have called it. 

(My Nostalgia for a time I was never in + Love for cinema and cinematic technique + Ponies) - understanding of modern culture = Barely functioning animation.
I can never ever tell whether I should be proud of my work or not. The dysfunctional messes. I love B-movies, I want to be fine cinema, but I clearly am not. 

All it ever comes off as, is the strange and mad ramblings of a guy with enough time to string some drawings together, akin to that of, "The Room."
Oh danny boy
de pipes de pipes are calling. 
R.I.P. My career. 
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